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::A Cancerous world::

I'll tell u something that is not new...." We live in a cancerous world!"
Everything is wired....especially us!
I'v been keeping myself from writing where for a while..but something made me to do!
I received the following mail.....

Greetings in the name of the Lord. My name is xxxxxx. I am
terminally ill and have decided to donate my inheritance from my husband to
you. No doubt, you may wonder how I got to know you and your email/names
and what informed my decision to will my fortune to you, when I have lots of
people I know better to whom I should have willed my fortune here. Dear, you
have no cause to worry about these questions, for I mean no harm.

Regarding how I got your personal details, it is via the internet with the
help of the nurse assigned to attend to me in my private ward here in the
hospital. Because I cannot surf on my own due to partial stroke, it is the
nurse who surfs for me under my direction. On deciding to donate my fortune
to an individual, I instructed her to search from the net 15 individual
profiles at random and to conduct randomized sampling on the profiles and
whosoever the profile is chosen shall donate my inheritance to, hence your
profile was chosen. Therefore, I am donating my fortune to you partly
because of your selection random sampling experiment and because my husband
and I never had any child, despite all our attempts at child-bearing.

Again, it may interest you to know that I am 59 years old and have been
diagnosed of acute cancer for about 2 years now, shortly after the death of
my husband, which made me hypertensive and resulted in stroke. In my present
condition, life is without meaning to me and hope has since eluded me. Each
day I give my entire existence a thought, I feel over-powered by gloom and
despair and saw nothing but death lurking around. All these are my reasons
for deciding on using anything in my name for charity in which co-
incidentally you have been favoured as the beneficiary. I must tell you that
I was truly touched by my inner mind to take this decision/action

I decided not to donate my inheritance to the people I know around me but
instead a stranger, because if I did, upon my death, my husband's relatives
will engage the beneficiary in litigation (court case), claiming the
donation is without their consultation and consent and to that extent my
decision/action is null and void, and they may use their connections and
influence to reclaim or recover it, a thing I hate to imagine! My husband's
relatives are such that it will amount to betrayal of my late husband if I
let them have his hard-laboured fortune and enjoy it, despite how they
mistreated my late husband under my very nose. God forbid that I will let
them reap where they did not sow. This is ,again, part of the reasons for my

I will expect that you will as am about doing to you this day do to the
lives of others, for life is better lead on the philosophy of give and take.
I will advise that you don't see your windfall as avenue for pleasure spree
but should see it as an opportunity to build and grow your personal finances
to an enviable level, for both your benefit and the benefit of others.

Always put me in your prayers and ask God to forgive my sins and trespasses.
I shall be undergoing major operations in less than a month from now and have
willed/donated 40% of the funds to you for personal use and 60% for the purpose of
helping the needy and less-privileged around you.

Pls, note that, because I do not want my husband's relatives, who have spies
all around me, to know of the latest developments, coupled with my worsening
health condition, I shall not entertain phone calls and conversations. If
you are sure that you will use the donated fund as I have advised here,
contact my Lawyer to help you arrange the transfer of the fund to
your account. You may reach my Lawyer via the details below:

When contacting my Lawyer it is necessary to furnish him with the
details below so that all the paperwork in your name can be processed, to facilitate the arrangement of the transfer

Full Names:
Telephone number:

You should give Lawyer your cooperation so that he can assists you
fully in the processing and remittance of your donation/bequest. All the

P.S:- I've removed names and contacts!

Did you recognize why is this a cancerous world?
If not, proceed with me!
1-l'm sick of me being too selfish lately.. i even wished to disappear ,never thought of anything to break my negative attitude..claiming that i've an amputated spirit with a true pain!...and here in this mail another copy of me..actually as she said ..she is suffering from cancer severe pain..she has that money..and guess what she wants to give it to a complete stranger..instead of her husband's relatives.!

2-She never thought to give the money to a charity community in her neighborhood or so..she is the suffering widow never thought to give the money to somone who is really suffering!....Hey open ur TV!..read ur papers,u may see thousands of people suffering who simply u could help..but no, searching the internet is really quiet easier!..finding someone who could pray for her is much more better.!

3- Up till now, i didn't accuse her for anything...after afew sentences i'll..this isn't the first e-mail with such acontent to receive..i ignored the other one..actually there adifference ,a little one between both..but let me say" both are serotypes"..it seems like a model to trick people..i' may be selfish but sorry not interested with ur money or probably ur way of decieving!

4- God Bless u all..but again and again, it's CANCER!. the untreatable disease..which i've been studying from couple of hours..i really do not know what to say..there is other untreatable communicable diseases which are absolutely more dangerous if spread in an outbreak..and guess what?..we are all suffering from the untreatable self disease called NEGATIVITY! .itspreads easily just by talking to anyone anywhere anytime..having the dreadful infection which appears from the hollow parts in our souls after a huge battle with our supposed immunity system called principles..religin..tradition!
...So the next time choose something like that!

5- No more Sympathy..no more compassion, this was my way to run away..to disappear.. not to think..keeping away from news..being away from everything..making my study a reason....all are fake..i'm just that selfish creature..count the times i've said i!..so if u met me accidentally in the street just keep going on..never give me any attention..play ur role in our negativity play!

1-Life is based on Choices. ,so never blame anybody else for enterring here!..me myself choose to keep being sugh an optimistic..smiling to everyone..pretending of being ok!
2- All what l've said are words .or may be hallucination post study effect ..or may be poisoning sympyoms from studied drugs..so keep smiling..keep on track!
3-if u r gonna comment"we are all just like that!", please don't.. it won't make me any better!..it'll make me say it loudly...what a cancerous world!

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